15. Conclusion: Whereto Palmas?

As they drive into Conjunto Palmeiras, Joaquim realizes that his feeling of pride in the progress that the community has made in the last 28 years never abates.  Today, Conjunto Palmeiras has shed its favella status and is an urbanized city in its own right.  With increasing local economic development, trade and business dealings outside the community have increased, thereby making the social currency Palmas less viable.  Furthermore, local production for local consumption is no longer the community’s main source of revenue.  These are some of the issues which he wishes to discuss with Asier, the employees of Banco and Instituto Palmas and the other members of ASMOCONP.

As they reach the Banco Palmas head office, Joaquim warmly thanks Asier for the ride from the airport.  He adds, ‘Asier please set up a meeting for tomorrow. We need to discuss with everyone concerned the challenges that we are now facing in managing 78 community banks located in regions with different levels of economic development.  The many partnerships which we have with local and international NGOs, universities and institutions.  Most importantly, we need to discuss the future of the Palmas currency in this community.”


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